Brad and his little helper
Lucinda Kay shares with us what is currently happening in Jamaica!
Brad’s IT team was building a computer lab. This little darling really wanted to carry computers herself, so Brad just kept having her help out.
He’s built one of the largest computer labs yet at Parrytown All-age school, 35 computerspurchased/recycled/refurbished/re-imaged by Great Shape! Inc.
 What an accomplishment!
Our teams are really rockin’ on the dental project and the literacy project. On the 1000 Smiles project, people are just lined up outside the clinics praying to get on the list. 
At Boscobel All Age School, students welcomed our volunteers with a song/dance they’d been working on this past year – the song is all about the history of Great Shape! Inc. and even has lines in it about Georgene Crowe, Gretchen Lee, and me (!) “Lucinda Kay teaches that we are each our own light, and really must let it shine!” Yes… we cried.
Craig and Lucinda are finishing one video on the Sealant Project. This is the scientific study that’s gathering data and tracking our clinical study, proving that sealants and fluoride work. We’ll show that specific schools and communities can carry out their own sealant/flouride programs around the developing world.

Last night’s talent show was amazing. Exec. Dir. Joe Wright (AKA Papa Joe) sang two songs about rising up out of struggle to make a better life – it was beautiful. Two of our dental-equipment-tech-guys are Jamaican Twins and drummers – they brought the house down with their performance. I sang “Summer Time” with the band and was blessed with a standing ovation, then took advantage of the mic and told all the Sandals guests about the awesome Sandals Foundation and how they provide us with so much support, really helping us to shine – then broke out into “This Little Light of Mine” and almost every volunteer from both projects joined me on stage. It was beautiful.
Now… back to work!
One Love.
Thanks Lucinda and Team- stay tuned as they let us live this experience with them!