Sandals’ Dirty Banana
Bananas are a wonderful fruit! There’s a long list of health benefits associated with them, like potassium, iron, blah blah blah.  But did you know that a banana milkshake could cure a hangover?  Which is one reason the Dirty Banana at Sandals Resorts International is so popular. Sandals is one of our number one sponsors, and boy do they know how to take care of us when we’re volunteering!

It’s like a banana smoothie… with rum!  It’s perfect for those times you want a break from your usual drink (unless your usual is a Dirty Banana — you know who you are!) and decide to walk on the wild side. Okay it’s not really that wild, but it is delicious!  Plus you never have to worry about getting a hangover if you stick to drinking these babies all night!  (We haven’t actually tested this theory, but it sounds probable, right??)

November is a long time to wait to drink one of these frosted adult beverages while volunteering in Jamaica, especially since summer is fast approaching. Here’s the recipe for you newbies, and for those who are missing them…
Sandals Resorts’ Dirty Banana
Blend all ingredients and serve. If you want to make it fancy like the bartenders at Sandals, drizzle chocolate syrup on the inside of your glass before pouring the mixture.  Be sure to make enough to share because everyone around you will be filled with drink-envy. 
Dirty Bananas –So good you could have it with breakfast, no one will judge you, promise!
Guest blog post by: Michaela Kelly Wuelfing, AKA “Super SuperKids Volunteer”
Day job: I do artsy stuff, and play on the internet
Night job:  Concierge for a luxury condominium
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