We love the Sandals Foundation!

The Sandals Foundation has long supported Great Shape! Inc. and our humanitarian projects. We are family.

Sandals Foundation
[us_testimonial author=”Heidi Clarke” company=”Executive Director for the Sandals Foundation”]We are positively impacting the lives of others and therefore the overall well being of our region.[/us_testimonial]

The Sandals Foundation and Sandals Resorts International take such GREAT care of our volunteers, providing accommodations, meals and entertainment, plus logistical support, transportation, and an expanded network. This service is worth 2-Million USD, the collaboration itself, is priceless.

Great Shape! Inc. can impact 40,000 people each year on such a tight budget, because we have such generous sponsors. Volunteer Pat Schneider praises the partnership,

“… our teams work hard, long hours. We spend our days taking care of the local families, and it’s such a blessing to return to the resort where those same families are now taking care of us. I never dreamed I’d volunteer for a humanitarian project and get to stay in a world-class resort!”

The Sandals Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Sandals Resorts International. It’s the culmination of three decades of dedication to playing a meaningful role in the lives of the communities where it operates across the Caribbean.

Its mission reads; to help fulfill the promise of the Caribbean community through investment in sustainable projects in education; environment and community which improves people’s lives and preserves our natural surroundings.

Brian Roper, General Manager of Ocho Rios Grande says,

“If you can satisfy one child, you’ve made me so happy it’s not funny… And with partners like Great Shape!, let’s just hope it gets bigger and bigger and bigger.”

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Sandals Foundation