U.S., Jamaica, Saint Lucia

Great Shape! Inc. is always on the search for talent and energy.

You can support our humanitarian projects from home or travel to the Caribbean.

Our volunteers range in age from kids to our elders (in-country project volunteers are usually 18+, but exceptions may be requested). Volunteers have varied backgrounds and diverse futures, but they usually have a couple of things in common:

A touch of courage to step out of their comfort zone
A heart to serve others

Volunteer in the U.S.


Based in California


Based in Oregon

Logistics and Fundraising

Based in Oregon

To volunteer in the U.S., email our Administration Office.

Special Requests:

Great Shape! will gladly honor any special requests to volunteer, i.e. Eagle Scouts and Gold Awards (Boy Scouts & Girl Scouts), school service projects, etc. Feel free to contact us!  All volunteer positions are non-paid, and several internship positions are available for college credit. Volunteers must be highly independent and motivated.