Great Shape! Inc will be well represented come October 31st-November 3rd for the 154th Annual Session of the American Dental Association in New Orleans. Doctor Sherwin Shinn, has long been a super star volunteer for Great Shape! Inc. We call him Doc.

This week he’ll receive the 2013 Humanitarian of the Year Award from the ADA, for  his astonishing service and dedication to volunteerism. “I would like to sincerely thank Dr. Shinn for his contributions to the dental  profession, and congratulate him on being the 2013 recipient of the  American Dental Association Humanitarian Award,” said Dr. Robert A.  Faiella, ADA president.

Dr. Shinn has acquired many honors for his hard work, including the  Washington State Dental Association 2003 Citizen of the Year and the  2003 National Jefferson Award, one of the nation’s most prolific honors  for humanitarian services. He is also the co-founder of “International  Smile Power”, and the co-founder and president of “For World Wide  Smiles”, which is currently outlining trips to Uganda, Jamaica, and  Haiti this year.

We here at Great Shape! are overly joyous to collaborate with Dr. Shinn as a part of our team. Lucinda Kay, Joe Wright, and Tiffany Rinaldi will be in New Orleans this week to promote Great Shape! and give cheers to Dr. Shinn for his accomplishment. Doc, his wife, Faria, Tiff, and Luc will all  fly back to Jamaica on Saturday to continue leading this year’s humanitarian projects (1000 Smiles, SuperKids, and iCARE just wrapped up).

More content to come, including a quote from Doc himself and another award winner from Great Shape!, Dr.  Jack Levine.

Big Up!!!!