Great Shape! Volunteers just returned from a world changing dental project in Jamaica! We are happy to announce that the community-based sealant program was a huge success!
One of our main sponsors for the Sealant Program is Pulpdent. Volunteers use Pulpdent’s “Embrace Sealant” as part of the program to help prevent cavities in Jamaican children.
Larry Clark, Director of Clinical Affairs at the Pulpdent Corporation had the opportunity to visit Jamaica over Memorial Day Weekend. He spoke to how Great Shape! is truly a unique program thanks to its passionate volunteers and its commitment to developing strong relationships with Jamaican locals.
His comments about his experience with the program are inspiring and we wanted to share them with our entire Great Shape! family!

“In my humble opinion Great Shape! is not just a program, it is more, it is a Movement… This Movement is truly a model that can be replicated anywhere with the right people. At the core of any good movement are the hearts of those who give and WOW do they give. I was humbled to walk and work with them. I felt like I became a family member and this is how each child responded as well. I was brought to tears several times as I saw the joy and the appreciation of the those who gave and those that received. 

Every good Movement has Papa’s and Shepherds and Great Shape! has both. Papa Joe is a real Daddy to many and one of the smartest and kind people that I have ever met. Dr. Shinn is watching the whole dental picture with a passion that inspires. Both men have a vision that is bigger than Jamaica but for now Jamaica benefits from their love and commitment. 

I am proud to say I am part of the Great Shape Movement and will do whatever I can to help their expansion.”

Larry, we appreciate you and we are so excited to be working with you! Thank you for your support!
Volunteer applications are currently being accepted for the fall session of the Sealant Program. If you’d like to volunteer for the program, contact Executive Assistant Tiffany Rinaldi at (209) 247-9999 or