As you all know, Tiffany Rinaldi has jumped into Great Shape! Inc. as Joe’s assistant, helping cross the T’s and dot the I’s. Now that Tiffany has been learnin’ the ropes for a few weeks, the duo is ready to take on the world! So the question is… What exactly are they doing!?

Tiffany is the girl who is making sure the volunteers are completely ready and set to go on their 1000 Smiles projects this fall. “I would call my position ‘volunteer relations’. I process the applications, answer questions about the projects and volunteering, and any other inquiries,” Tiffany said. This is huge! Her attention to details and organization skills play a big part in the success of Great Shape! Inc.’s volunteer relationships.

“I love that I get to talk to those who have already gone to Jamaica with Great Shape! and being a part of the excitement of helping others,” Tiffany explained. It is this kind of passion that keeps Great Shape! Inc. going strong and bringing in more amazing people to get involved!

Thank you for all of your hard work, Tiffany! You’re a GS Rockstar!!