For nearly a decade, volunteers Tracy and Walt Mason have been supporting our SuperKids project. Every year they enlist friends and family to put together substantial donations of books, school supplies, sports equipment, and more that make such a huge impact. This year, when they found out our SuperKids container (which houses our literacy supplies and equipment all year) needed to be repaired, they stepped up in a remarkable way. Tracy and Walt have donated $4K `to purchase a brand new container for our SuperKids literacy project!

We are so grateful for the Masons and wanted to shine a spotlight on all of the kindness and dedication they have shown to Great Shape! Inc.

How did you first hear about Great Shape! Inc. and the SuperKids literacy project?

Our daughter Jamee was an intern for Lucinda in 2012 while attending Gonzaga University. They needed more volunteers for Great Shape! Inc. and she asked us to come along! After being there in the schools for 2 days, Walt said we are coming for 2 weeks next year! Now we go every year for 2 weeks!

What was your first volunteer experience like?

Our first experience was a life changer. The children are the best. So loving and eager to learn. I teach art and we made dream catchers. Savina and I read them the story about what dream catchers are and asked them about their dreams and then they made their own. It’s probably been one of my favorite projects! Walt and Jamee taught sports and were at a different school. It was such a wonderful experience for them to be able to teach together. It was a challenge just to get the children to line up in a straight line! The concept of sharing the ball was a whole new experience! By the end of the week they were playing soccer “football” and their favorite game “duck, duck, goose”! We always say “Come volunteer with us! It’s the hardest thing you’ll ever love to do!”

Every year you and your friends/family donate so much to the literacy projects in terms of supplies, books, etc. What has motivated you and Walt to give so much of your time and dollars to help Great shape! Inc. and what has motivated others who may not come on our project to give so generously?
I’m not sure why. lol I just ask and they donate! Our friends and family have always been very giving. My professional connections are very generous. I work for a dentist and they love to support anything that has to do with children! I think everyone loves to support children! As for what motivates Walt and I. We just want to give back to those that are in need. We love the people in Jamaica! They give us more then we give them. If everyone could experience what we experience wouldn’t it be wonderful!!
What inspired you and Walt to pledge such a significant contribution in 2022 to help pay for a new storage container for SuperKids?
I asked Walt to answer this one. His answer. Because we can. We have the money and they need it. 🙂 Simple as that.
What has been the best part of volunteering with SuperKids, and why should others join?
Oh, my gosh! There are so many reasons. The children is probably the #1 reason! We love the children. They are a challenge but then who doesn’t love a challenge! Then I think it’s family. We have gained so much more family by volunteering. We look forward to returning every year so we can be with our Great Shape! Inc. family! We love the people we volunteer with. We love our Jamaican families! We have made life long friends through this project. It’s changed our lives for the better. This year there were 5 of us from Casa Grande, AZ. and I know there are 3 more that want to join us next year. I love that our friends want to join and support us and be part of what we do.