We’re hoping all you bloggers out there might be heading down to Jamaica for one of our awesome projects, so here’s a quick way to blend in with your new Jamaican family. Down in Jamaica, they speak Patois, a blend of West African, Creole, and English words. We thought to impress everyone in Jamaica we would give you a few words and phrases to use, or just to understand what they’re saying for you first-timers!

  • All fruits ripe- Everything is just fine.
  • Chaka-chaka- Messy and untidy
  • Drop legs- to dance
  • Fass- Nosey
  • Gorgon- a respected and outstanding person
  • Half eediat (af ee-dee-at)- someone stupid
  • Informa- someone who rats people out to the cops
  • Jake, Johnny, Joe- titles used by Jamaicans to point out tourists
  • Key- slang for a good friend
  • Labba-labba- talking too much
  • Run a boat- an expression where a lot of people will gather to cook and eat a meal
  • Skin teet- smile
  • Wa’ppun- What’s happening (the most common greeting expression)
  • Yeyewata- to cry
  • Zeen- you understand

Hope this helps everyone out! Happy travels and One Love!