In November of 2009, Great Shape! Inc. sent volunteers to Jamaica with the SuperKids project. SuperKids provides curriculum and tools for literacy, computer labs, art , music, and sports to underfunded schools. Part of the SuperKids project is to bring money to rural schools in Jamaica to provide uniforms to those who can’t afford them—children are not allowed to attend school without uniforms. Chelsea Dannen, a SuperKids volunteer, explains that uniforms give children “the opportunity to learn, socialize and be a part of something.”

Last year, Chelsea and 7 other volunteers from the SuperKids team brought money, supplies, and knowledge to the Steertown Primary and Junior High School. The dedication by Great Shape! volunteers, donors, and the amazing support of our sponsors like Sandals Resorts International gave ten boys and ten girls brand new uniforms. These Steertown students can now attend school and continue their education to become the world’s future leaders! “These children are joyful little individuals. I am ecstatic that they now have new, clean uniforms,” said Chelsea.

Chelsea recalls working with Peter, the last boy on the right in the front row. “Peter was extremely self conscious because he didn’t know how to read. During class we were reading aloud, and he started crying because he was embarrassed,” said Chelsea. She sat down with Peter, and they practiced sounding out words together. Chelsea hopes that his new uniform will give Peter the confidence to keep practicing his literacy skills.