Get excited, because the time for SuperKids is almost here! Today is the first day of set up for the SuperKids project that is put on by Great Shape! Inc.

If you didn’t know, SuperKids is an amazing literacy and computer education project that takes place on the island of Jamaica. SuperKids sends resources, volunteers, and training to rural areas where the literacy rate is only 40%. The program mostly works with children in 1st to 6th grade, a time when reading is an important building block of a child’s education.

This year, the storage rooms are packed with supplies for school! Great Shape!’s co-founder, Mama G, says that the computer storage room is “…full right up to the door! The same with books and supplies, even in the bathroom and bathtub.” Volunteers are currently working to unpack the supplies so that they can be organized into the “Free Store”. The “Free Store” will be available each day after school for teachers to gather supplies for school the next day. All of us at Great Shape! Inc. and SuperKids are very grateful for all of the support and supplies that were donated to the project.

Computers in the storage room