“It’s such a joy to use my skills and have an adventure at the same time,” exudes SuperKids volunteer Bruce Broding. Broding is a third year veteran on Great Shape! Inc.’s SuperKids project. His wife, Rosalie will return for year two. Unfortunately, their foreign exchange student can’t make it this year from Germany, but he made quite an impact last year.

Bruce had known about Great Shape! for many years; his sister-in-law Lois Langlois has served on the 1000 Smiles project for years. When Lois first heard about the new SuperKids literacy and computer project, she immediately called Bruce and got him in touch with computer technology lead Brad Adams. Brad, Bruce, and the other IT volunteers spend the year gathering technology gear (software and hardware) and build all the computer labs in the rural schools that partner with Great Shape.

Bruce says the rewards are so great, he has to keep coming back. “When delivering computers to a school last year, the principal couldn’t believe that we were actually there and providing free computers… she acted as if she was at a tent revival and thanked God for the gift. She was so emotional that she couldn’t control her emotions and was crying, jumping around, and grabbing all the other teachers to see what we had brought. It was an amazing celebration.”

Bruce and Rosalie are serving with SuperKids in the Ocho Rios November 5th – 21st. “I can’t wait to see the joy splashed across the faces of the children and the teachers.” SuperKids volunteers provide the gift of knowledge and connectivity to the world.